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The band was born in Rome in May 1980, featuring the power trio Riccardo Di Felice (Keyboards/Bass), Stefano Strizzi (Drums) and Riccardo Strizzi (Vocals/Guitars), at the beginning following the steps of classic hard rock. Despite attempts to include other members in the band, the three guys will be the constant for decades to come.

Way Out was a typical underground band, but soon felt the need for a musical identity of its own, going far from the hard rock roots of the 70’s bands, such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and so on. At the time Way Out wrote its lyrics in Italian.
Between 1981 and 1983, the long wave of British Heavy Metal reached Italy and Way Out  got involved with passion in the new stylistic dictates of the NWOBHM (Saxon and Judas Priest first of all). The sound became harder, keyboards, formerly central, disapperead and the lyrics were translated in English. In March 1985 the band recorded a few songs and released the demo “We Are Ready”. All the songs We Are Redy, Lady of Metal, and Black Hell were well appreciated in Italy and Europe.

In May 1983, Vincenzo Tauriello (ex-Massacra) joined the band as lead guitarist: with the new line-up Way Out played in some great live performances like on the occasion of the First Italian Metal Day in Fossano (CN) -where they had the chance to play with other extraordinary Italian bands like Wild Devils, White Fire, Jester Beast- and the performance at the Roman club Black Out organized by Radio Rock, together with other great bands like Raff, Fingernails, Schwartz.

In 1986 Way Out recorded three songs (Steel Blade, The Last Promise, The Sound of the Night), to promote the band.
The following year few members temporarily left the band to join the army for National Service, and in April 1988 the band came out with a new line-up with two new guitarists: Alex Massari and Dario Marcoaldi. Vincenzo Tauriello left the band and Riccardo Strizzi left the guitar to deal mainly with singing.

In 1989 Dario Marcoaldi left Way Out and in May the band achieved the recording of the demo “The Sound of the Night”, including the three tracks recorded in 1986. The Way Out continued the activity with several live shows to promote the demo release.
In December 1990 Alex Massari left the Way Out and Stefano Scarfone was called to join the band, as a virtuoso ottaining a great response and giving a new impulse to the Roman band. In the next four years, Way Out played a lot of live shows, appreciated by the audience, above all in the “Metal Massacre Nights” organized by Giuseppe “Baffo” Zappinbulso, a great gig organizer, DJ, a sort of Neal Kay of the Roman metal scene.

Unluckily in 1994 Way Out broke up when Stefano Scarfone left the band to work with accomplished artists of national and international fame, like Alex Massari did before. Moreover, in those years, the coming of Seattle rock and Grunge movement brought crisis in the whole Heavy Metal scene and in Italy lots of bands broke up.
After a twenty-year jump, in 2014: Way Out came back together. The release of the book “Anni Di Metallo” (2013) by Andrea Ciccomartino (ex-Rude, now singer and guitarist in Graal), was an incredible work about Roman rock and metal underground scene of the 80’s and 90’s (demo tapes, fanzines, local gig posters), including a CD with a compilation of the bands of those glorious years, and featuring Way Out’s song Under Russian Fire. 

At the same time a long playing is released by ACE Records including six old songs from 80’s Way Out demo-tapes : Steel Blade, The Last Promise, The Sound of the Night, Under Russian Fire, Broken Love, Kiss me Down. 
Way Out have finally found out a new fire, ready to start again: the release party of their album took place in Rome at Closer Live Club, on the occasion of the Anni Di Metallo, organized by Gianfranco Belisario and Ciccomartino,where the band played with Graal and Raff.
The line-up now is formed by the three former members (the Strizzi brothers and Di Felice) and two old friends, the guitarists Vincenzo Tauriello and Alex Massari, for the first time together on stage.

After few live performances, Alex Massari came back to his job of musician and teacher: he was replaced by the young and talented Frank Marrelli (ex-Rebel Tango), a well known guitarist in the Roman scene. They started again at full speed with lots of live, like the show on the 23rd April 2015 supporting Girlschool, the legendary English band , and the release of one song on the compilation “Metal Years Vol. I”.

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